What Answers Do You Need From Us?

What can we do to help?

For our next blog post, we want to write about something that could help inform your decisions moving forward. What national data do you need? What insight are you searching for?

We may not have definitive answers, but after 36 years of research, we may at least have some wisdom to share, or perhaps we can all start a conversation and brainstorm.

We specialize in residential communities, especially age-qualified ones, such as active adult, assisted living, independent living, memory care, and CCRCs. Here are some of the areas we research, to give you an idea of the types of questions that are in our wheelhouse.

  • Feasibility studies: demand and opportunity
  • Consumer research: best unit mix, amenities, pricing, etc.
  • Competitive analysis and image and awareness studies
  • Sales audits of underperforming properties—including evaluations of the sales process
  • Quality-improvement surveys (in-depth satisfaction surveys)
  • Acquisition due diligence
  • National research in a variety of areas, including resident satisfaction

Considering all that, what questions are you itching to ask our researchers? Pick our brains! We want to help your community weather this economic uncertainty.

Caveat: We’ll need to stick to general insights and national data, because we can’t reliably answer specific questions about your community or primary market area. We’d love to, but for accuracy, we’d have to do a study. Every area is different—sometimes from one side of the street to another!

Please email your questions to leighann@promatura.com, or leave them in a comment below. And please feel welcome to forward this post to anyone you think might benefit.

Photo by Artem Maltsev on Unsplash.

March 24, 2020: Edited to add our industry specialties.

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As ProMatura's director of outreach and editorial development, Leigh Ann spearheads the firm's marketing strategy and helps ensure that ProMatura's reports and studies adhere to high editorial standards. Her background is in journalism and marketing consultation, specializing in health and aging.

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