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If you operate or work at an age-qualified community, this post is for you.

Thank you.

Thank you for taking people’s well-being on your shoulders.

Thank you for being a watchdog on one of the most sensitive front lines in this COVID-19 pandemic.

We know you’re under stress. We know you may be overtasked, stretched thin, overwhelmed.

If you take extra time to clean spaces more often, if you’re calming fears or washing hands, if you’re juggling and strategizing and watching the bottom line—the community’s or your own—thank you for taking this on.

And if you’re one of the people risking their own health to ensure others are cared for, you are a hero. Please do watch out for yourself.

As people outside your community’s walls get shut out to protect the people inside, you are perhaps more important than ever. To reiterate what you must already know: Your work is precious. Your vigilance is warranted. Your wisdom and care are irreplaceable.

The ProMatura team stands behind you, proud of our dedicated, compassionate colleagues.

Image by GLady from Pixabay.

About Leigh Ann Hubbard

As ProMatura's director of outreach and editorial development, Leigh Ann spearheads the firm's marketing strategy and helps ensure that ProMatura's reports and studies adhere to high editorial standards. Her background is in journalism and marketing consultation, specializing in health and aging.

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