Research Services for Service Providers, Product Manufacturers, and Industry Associations Targeting the Mature Market

Valid, Reliable, Usable Research

ProMatura delivers answers you can trust.

We research broad trends, specific products, and just about everything in between—especially in the 55+ market.

One of our specialties is the human-product interface, or human factors testing. Whether the product is a home, a defibrillator, educational programs, or child-proof packaging, our in-depth market, consumer, and human factors research (fit of the product to the end user) reveals what works, what people want, and what they will pay for it.

For more than three decades, we’ve been conducting customized, statistically valid applied research for businesses. Human factors analyses encompass both the hard and soft attributes of the product. Clients have included:

  • Manufacturers such as Buick, Moen, Philips Healthcare, Philips Lifeline, Rubbermaid, and Sharp Electronics
  • Industry organizations, including the American Seniors Housing Association, Argentum, the Ontario Retirement Communities Association, and the California Assisted Living Association
  • Governmental entities—Louisiana’s Office of Lieutenant Governor; the state of Yucatan, Mexico; MassHousing (in Massachusetts); Paso del Norte; and more
  • Consumer organizations: AARP

Our Services

For New Developments

With research-driven advice and decades of specialized experience, ProMatura helps you plan success. Services include market feasibility studies ...


For Existing Communities

We’ve been helping communities increase occupancy and resident satisfaction for 38 years. Services include audits, competitive analysis ...


For Other Businesses and Organizations

Our custom market research gives you valid, reliable, usable answers.