11 Creative Ways Age-Qualified Communities Are Fighting Loneliness in a Pandemic

Age-qualified communities help fight loneliness. One of our recent studies highlights how important that is. According to People, Place, Programming, the factor that most impacts quality of life in assisted living is camaraderie.

It’s also one of the most challenging things to maintain in the middle of a pandemic.

As visitors stay away and residents practice social distancing, isolation can threaten. Leave it to the innovative folks in our industry to come up with solutions.

Here are creative ways age-qualified (“senior living”) communities have been fostering camaraderie while maintaining coronavirus protocols.

What’s your community doing? Please share more ideas in the comments!

1. Coordinating window games.

2. Innovating to connect.

3. Staging outdoor concerts for indoor listeners.

4. Supporting employees.

5. Remembering the little things.

6. Decorating for smiles.

7. Fostering laughter.

8. Embracing family.

9. Welcoming outside-the-box solutions.

10. Cheering heroes.

11. Involving everyone.

… And it is all appreciated.

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