April Theme Days: Serious and Silly Ideas to Brighten Your Community

It’s been one month since the U.S. government told skilled nursing facilities to restrict visitors because of the coronavirus. Most of the rest of the United States has been on relative lockdown for about that long—including age-qualified communities.

We’ve seen all sorts of creative efforts to fight isolation in these communities. As the weeks go on, though, if you need more ideas, you might check out the National Day Calendar. It lists both serious and silly “holidays” by day, week, and month—including some international observances.

You could pass out candy for National Jelly Bean Day or invite residents to write fiction on National Tell a Story Day. Below, we’ve rounded up some April observances that may be easy to piggyback on. 

By the way, happy International Moment of Laughter Day! We hope you’re able to keep your own spirits up while uplifting the people you serve.

April 15: World Art Day

April 17: National Haiku Poetry Day

April 18: National Animal Cracker Day

April 19: National Garlic Day

April 20: National Look Alike Day

April 21: British National Tea Day

April 22: National Earth Day / International Mother Earth Day

April 22: National Jelly Bean Day

April 23: National Talk Like Shakespeare Day

April 25: National Telephone Day

April 26: National Pretzel Day

April 27: National Tell a Story Day

April 28: National Superhero Day

April 29: International Dance Day

April 30: National Oatmeal Cookie Day

Photo by Graham Walker from Pexels.

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