Infographic: 5 Must-Know Stats About the US Independent and Assisted Living Market

Did you know that 9% of households age 75+ move in a given year?

Here are five key numbers that are handy to … keep handy … about the US independent living and assisted living market. You can pull them out at your next virtual meeting, virtual networking event, virtual cocktail party—er, wherever you might be hanging out these days—to let your contacts know how great this market is.

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Infographic text:

5 Key US Stats: Independent and Assisted Living Market

84: Average age of resident


30%: Projected growth in 65+ population from 2020 to 2030 (55,969,000 to 72,774,000)

9%: Households 75+ who move in a given year


$1M: Average net worth of households 65+ (approximate)

$1,503: Average Social Security benefit paid to a retired worker

Sources: ProMatura research, NerdWallet (based on Federal Reserve data 2013 to 2016), Social Security Administration.

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