ProMatura Statement on Senior Housing News Article

We at ProMatura are pleased to confirm that our company’s founder and CEO, Margaret Wylde, is considering developing an active adult community in Water Valley, Mississippi, where she lives. Margaret appreciates the messages of support she has received since Senior Housing News broke this story this week.

For clarity, we would like to specify a few details. First, this project will take years to come to fruition, and many things must fall into place beforehand. “If I decide to move forward, I’ll need to hire ProMatura to research whether people will want to move there,” Margaret says. “There’s a long way to go before breaking ground.”

Second, Margaret will not develop an assisted living segment. “If the homeowners end up needing assisted living years down the road, other developers may see an opportunity to develop an option specifically for them,” she says.

As her long-time friends and colleagues know, Margaret is passionate about improving age-qualified housing throughout the world. She believes in building places people want to live—for the price they’re willing to pay. She continues to lead ProMatura, to help clients succeed by achieving that goal.

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As ProMatura's director of outreach and editorial development, Leigh Ann spearheads the firm's marketing strategy and helps ensure that ProMatura's reports and studies adhere to high editorial standards. Her background is in journalism and marketing consultation, specializing in health and aging.

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