35+ Years of Market Research—in This Blog

10-Second Summary: In our new weekly blog, you’ll learn research-backed methods for success in age-qualified housing (a.k.a. senior living). Subscribe here.

At ProMatura, we’ve been researching what people want in housing for more than 35 years.

We’ve never blogged about our insights.

We’ve written articles; we’ve published studies. We’ve helped hundreds of clients make billions of dollars. But we’ve never regularly opened our cache of expertise to the public.

We think it’s time.

Over the past decade, the number of age-qualified communities (a.k.a. seniors housing) listed in NIC Map’s primary and secondary markets combined has increased 26%. There’s a lot of chatter about market growth. There’s a lot of speculation about how communities can attract more residents.

But what does the research show? And what are the best ways to research your particular market?

The purpose of this blog is to help you be successful in age-qualified housing. We’ll explore types of research, national studies, case studies, and more. We’ll detail best practices and show you how to pave your path based on what’s proven to work, not what’s assumed to.

You can subscribe to the weekly blog here. If you’ll try it for a month, you’ll get a feel for the variety of content we’re planning. Love it? Great! Not getting the info you want? Just let us know.

What would you like to learn about in a future post? Comment below, or email research@promatura.com.

About Leigh Ann Hubbard

As ProMatura's director of outreach and editorial development, Leigh Ann spearheads the firm's marketing strategy and helps ensure that ProMatura's reports and studies adhere to high editorial standards. Her background is in journalism and marketing consultation, specializing in health and aging.

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