Taylor Brame


Since joining ProMatura in 2015, Taylor Brame has been instrumental in steering the company’s international market research endeavors with a meticulous and strategic approach. Specializing in the comprehensive analysis of economic, demographic, consumer, and industry data, Taylor adeptly navigates the complexities of global housing markets, ensuring that the insights derived are both actionable and impactful.

With a profound expertise in various domains, including feasibility analysis, site analysis, and consumer research, Taylor not only excels in U.S. and international industry research but also demonstrates a keen proficiency in product research, data acquisition, and geographic information systems. His analytical prowess and strategic thinking have been pivotal in shaping and influencing the housing markets on a global scale.

Taylor earned his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Mississippi, where he actively collaborated with the Center for Population Studies. His commitment to fostering international relations and cultural exchange was evident through his service on the events committee for the International and American Student Alliance and his role as a Global Ambassador for the Office for Global Engagement.

Currently, Taylor is an esteemed member of several prestigious organizations and programs, including the American Seniors Housing Association’s Rising Leader program, the Urban Land Institute, the National Association of Home Builders, the European Society for Opinion and Market Research, and the Rotary Club of Oxford. His active participation in these entities underscores his dedication to continuous learning, industry advancement, and community service.