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More Services 

ProMatura delivers clear market research that produces new prospects for your community or

development by discovering what your customers want and what they are willing to pay. 

Our targeted research studies are conducted with qualified households who plan to purchase

a home and would consider buying at the development or existing community.  ​

Sales Assessments


ProMatura goes beyond the traditional "mystery shop" by using an extensive rating list of 23 key attributes to help you measure and improve the customer experience. Our detailed report includes a transcript of the "mystery shop," the audio tape if requested, as well as our supporting recommendations.

You receive valuable feedback from skilled shoppers, revealing the strengths of your community against competitive properties and comparable properties of other ProMatura clients. Our mystery shops include the full-spectrum experience during the "shop" and are  effective tools for assessments of sales counselors.

Click here to request a sample Sales Assessment report. 

Consumer Research Services


Consumer Surveys

Our consumer preference surveys are custom designed to inform the target market about your proposed community.  We identify the interested market and pinpoint their preferences about the overall community, housing products, amenities and services. These surveys are also applicable to consumer products.

Focus Group Analyses

ProMatura focus groups provide qualitative market data and consumer opinions about product and brand image development. These groups are designed to help clients understand how prospective customers define their ideal lifestyle, what services and amenities they desire and how much they would pay.

Satisfaction Surveys

Satisfaction Surveys identify perceptions about established communities with multiple properties and include assessments of executive management, staff and programming and the physical property.

Image and Awareness Surveys
Image and Awareness Surveys gather data from the target market and assess the effectiveness of your community's marketing efforts.


Click here to request a sample Consumer Research report.  ​

Feasibility Studies


Assess your product to maximize sales

A Preliminary Market Assessment, or Snapshot, is
a quick first look at the demographic and economic characteristics and competition in the market area. The assessment projects total market opportunity and can be used as an initial "go" or "no go" decision tool in advance of a full feasibility study.

A full feasibility study provides you with a detailed report suitable for inclusion in a financial or investment offer. A ProMatura senior analyst visits the site and conducts a qualitative assessment of the property or proposed development and all competition in the market area. We deliver a report that covers all relevant aspects, including physical plant, location, pricing, and occupancy.


ProMatura’s two types of feasibility studies establish a defensible analysis of market potential and key operating concerns about new communities or developments.


Click here to request a sample Feasibility report.   



Product Testing 


The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission created guidelines for testing packaging for child-resistance to ensure packaging labeled as child-resistant protects young children from products that could be harmful to their health. Since the passage of the Poison Prevention Act in 1970, effective child-resistant packages have prevented thousands of poisonings from occurring.


ProMatura works actively with firms in testing various packaging designs for child-resistance and senior-use effectiveness under guidelines of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (16 CFR, part 1700). ProMatura’s testing focuses on a diverse study group through field testing to better ensure the quality of testing results.

Testing through ProMatura, firms are provided with brief updates during the testing process and a conclusive report of results at the end of testing. 


If you’re representing a child-care center interested in becoming a part of ProMatura’s testing network, please contact us .