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ProMatura delivers clear market research that produces new prospects for your community or development by discovering what your customers want and what they are willing to pay.

Our targeted research studies are conducted with qualified households who plan to purchase a home and would consider buying at the proposed development or existing community.

Research Seminars​

Pinpoint the right product mix

Research Seminars are conducted with a statistically valid sample of your target market after we have identified qualified prospects in a telephone survey. You benefit from interaction with likely buyers, a first-person view of participants' responses and soft marketing for your community and/or product.

ProMatura's research seminars provide prospective customers with a sense of buy-in and provide you with a list of qualified leads who are likely to be among your very first buyers.

Research seminar participants complete our conjoint analysis study, which means they select the product they would like to buy based on features - including price - that they consider jointly. When the results are analyzed, you will see the product mix that yields the greatest market share.


Consumer Research


Connect your product to your prospects

The ProMatura Proof Positive™ Process, using conjoint analysis in our research seminars, Internet surveys and mail surveys helps you find qualified prospects and learn what they want and what they will pay for their preferences. This statistically valid method has proven results with successful communities.  

We custom design Internet surveys to inform prospective buyers about your proposed community. We identify qualified prospects and analyze their preferences on specific elements or features that you define.

Advisory Services


Build on your strengths

ProMatura offers extensive advisory services across the board. We have participated in the design, development and management of age-qualified housing properties, including communities in Latin America and Europe. We also advise on marketing and sales and product advancement.

We work with Fortune 100 companies and start-ups, for national associations and state agencies. We have a sound understanding of consumer preferences and expectations, and of communities, properties, services and products that have excelled in many market sectors nationally and internationally.

"For more than ten years, studying a great many development sites, one constant has been our ability to rely on ProMatura. They define smart, expert, and collegial. Working with them really has been a pleasure."  

David L. Kirkland


Allegro Senior Living

St. Louis, MO