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Q&A With ProMatura Group's Margaret Wylde


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Senior Bullying:  How to recognize it, how to handle it

By Eleanor Feldman Barbera, Ph.D., McKnight's | March 2015


Bullying doesn't end with high school.  According to Dr. Robin Bonifas at Arizona State University, 10 to 20% of elders in senior communities experience bullying. 


Dr. Margaret Wylde of the ProMatura Group reports that senior bullying occures in every independent living community studied in her 2014 report, "Make Them Feel at Home,' sponsored by the American Seniors Housing Association.  According to that article, bullying falls into the category with the largest relationship to whether or not a community feels like home. 


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Strategies for Success:  Why, What, Who

March 2014

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Homebuilders are still hoping for a boomer buying boom

by Steve Brown, The Dallas Morning News | February 2014 ​


Builders are still trying to figure out exactly what it will take to shake the aging Americans out of their homes and new digs.


“It doesn’t matter that there are 79 million baby boomers alive today,” Wylde, CEO of ProMatura Group, told builders meeting in Las Vegas this week. “Your market is who will move to your piece of dirt — it’s not 79 million baby boomers.”


Wylde said many studies overestimate the potential numbers of boomers who will trade in their old homes for something new. “We see about half are very unlikely or unlikely to ever move,” said Wylde, who’s looked at potential homebuyers who are over 50 and make more than $50,000 a year. Only about a quarter of this group say they would consider moving to a new home."


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ICAA Journal on Active Aging Special Developer's Issue

So You Want a Wellness Center. But is It Feasible? 

by Margaret Wylde | June 2013 


Just about every community touts its wellness center, regardless of the size, features, services, amount of programming or use. Now your community is considering adding one. The first question to ask is, “Why do you want a wellness center?” Are your residents clamoring for it? Do you believe a new center is essential to compete in the future? Do you feel a bit hammered by the competition because they have a nice, new wellness center and you don’t?



Margaret Wylde addresses consumer expectations at ALFA conference

Senior Housing News | May 2013 


Consumer expectations have risen across the board for every age group and industry, but the senior living industry is behind in how it targets its product to today’s consumers, says a mature market researcher.


Other industries have changed in the Internet age as a “hyper-abundance” of consumer choices have cropped up. Transparency is becoming paramount, said Margaret Wylde, CEO of market research firm ProMatura Group LLC, at the Assisted Living Federation of America’s 2013 Conference and Expo, held this year in Charlotte, N.C. 


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Satisfaction Guaranteed?

McKnight's Long-Term Care News & Assisted Living | January 2013​


Margaret Wylde, discusses what guarantees the satisfaction of residents and the families of residents in assisted living facilities.


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​Value of Memory Care Continuums to Investors - and Residents' Families

Senior Housing News | January 2013


Margaret Wylde, president and CEO of ProMatura Group, talks about the value of memory care continuums to investors -- and families. 


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What Senior Living Residents Want--In their Own Words

Senior Housing News | May 2012


Change in lifestyle is a crucial issue that has a huge impact on someone’s decision to enter a senior living community. As senior living communities market to new residents, there is a critical time period—it can be as short as a few minutes—during which they engage or lose the potential customer.


To demonstrate the importance of engaging with prospective residents and their families, Dr. Margaret Wylde spoke directly with a panel of people who either currently live in senior living communities or have helped a loved one find a place to live.  A community must be able to offer a lifestyle that provides each resident with what they consider to be a “great day,” Wylde said.


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Baby Boomers are Becomin​g More Lucrative as Renter Demographic

Memphis Business Journal | March 2012

​"Clearly they're the most attractive segment of the housing market," says ProMatura COO Bernie Smith. "Not only are they a huge demographic, but they've got money."


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Margaret A. Wylde Installed as Chair of the Senior Housing Council
Urban Land Institute

October 2012

Margaret A. Wylde, president and CEO of ProMatura Group, LLC, is the new chair of the Urban Land Institute’s Senior Housing Council. Wylde, who has been involved with the council for eight years, will be at the helm from 2013 to 2016.

“I’m looking forward to exploring innovations in the age-qualified housing industry with the leaders in this field,” said Wylde.

​ As chair, Wylde is responsible for the direction of the Council and ensuring that members derive value from it. Overall, ULI’s product councils (of which the Senior Housing Council is one) “play a key role in ULI’s mission of providing leadership in the responsible use of land and creating and sustaining thriving communities worldwide,” according to ULI website.




Leading Edge Boomers:  Rebounding from the Recession

50+ Housing magazine | November 2012


By Margaret A. Wylde, Ph.D., with Judith Isacoff and Kristen Paris, Ph.D. 

It's not that they "can't get no satisfaction," but the baby boomers on the leading edge of that generation, now between the ages of 55 and 64, have been jostled around in recent years by the economic downturn and have had to deal with some of its very unsatisfying consequences. 


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On the Record

Senior Housing News | April 2012

by Alyssa Gerace 

Senior Housing News interview with Margaret Wylde on replacing the term "senior housing," as well as a look at lifestyle, trends and what is holding people back from moving to age-qualified communities.​ 


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Communities Offer Amenities, Activities, New Homes​ and
Ready-Made Friends

Chicago Tribune | 2012


The first Baby Boomers reach several milestones this year. They turn 65, and hit the point in their lives where housing can become a big issue.


"It's a huge misconception that active adult communities are for old people," says Margaret Wylde, president and CEO at the ProMatura Group, a research and consulting firm in Oxford, Miss. "Residents of these projects are truly active and not all are retired." In fact, she adds, about 40 percent of the homeowners in active adult communities still work. 


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Amenities for Seniors go Modern

​Des Moines Register | July 2012

By Jennifer Miller

​Margaret Wylde, CEO of ProMatura Group, a senior housing market research company based in Mississippi, studies what older adults want, expect and are willing to pay for in a senior living community. Her research indicates that places like Edgewater and Deerfield, a high-end senior community in Urbandale, are the industry’s future. 


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